A Selection Of Some Nice Things, That Some Nice People Had To Say About Us …



“Back by popular demand we’re happy to be welcoming back the unforgettable Penny Black Remedy after their storming set at last year’s festival.” – Larmer Tree Festival 2011

“I’m always in search of a summer anthem and this year it’s a fusion of Country, Punk, Ska and Balkan Folk, courtesy of the The Penny Black Remedy and their superbly named single, You Have Wasted Your Life, Now Stop Wasting Your Money.” – Chris Hawkins / BBC 6Music

“I Won’t Argue When I’m Dead is quite simply the finest country sing along I’ve heard.” – Robin Denselow / The Guardian F&M Playlist

“I have no words to describe The Penny Black Remedy only that they brought me to tears with their energy, passion, love for performing and their connection with the audience.” – Abi Norman / Larmer Tree Festival

“It’s deliciously hard to label their sound … This is a terrific riot of a debut from a very talented outfit.” – Charlotte Richardson Andrews / London Tour Dates

“The Penny Black Remedy could well be one of London’s best kept secrets .. but not for much longer.” – Imelda Michalczyk / Clink Magazine

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant album.” – DC / The Waiting Room

“Like The Pogues at the height of their powers.” – Von Pip / Von Pip Musical Express

“Some three way head on collision between the Ukranians, Wall of Voodoo and the Mescaleros…” – Losing Today

“Enough Gogol Bordello to make them a cult phenomenon and enough Dylan to give them a 50 year shelf life.” – Kier Mills / Bloody Awful Poetry

“The Penny Black Remedy don’t really play venues, more like storm them. A powerhouse of a band …” – Sean / Substance Gigs

“Their live performance will blow you away easier than Dirty Harry with a fully loaded Magnum.” – Jeremy Glover / Indy Music Awards

“This band have everything, energy, attitude, contagious lyrics and killer tunes. Music is my mistress and I’ve just been spanked!!!” – Will Munn / Rhythm & Booze

“Beyond any shadow of doubt, the most exciting live band I have seen this year.” John Hawes / e-Gigs.co.uk

“A touch of “Paint it Black” and an audience-assisted “Bring Back Brando” were serious highlights, as well as the sheer charisma of such a fun band to watch.” – Dave Snell / Music-News.com

“No One’s Fault But Your Own is a storming debut album that includes everything. Driving up tempo tracks which are oh so easy to dance along to, and great sneering vocals and lyrics throughout.” – Rob Barker / Noize Makes Enemies

“Six seconds: six seconds was all it needed for me to know that The Penny Black Remedy had not only captured their live sound but, with the addition of horns on 95 Charing Cross Road, they had enhanced it…” – John Hawes / Fatea Records Magazine

“This folk-jazz-indie track is a work of pop genius. It’s immediately sing-a-long material and the lyrics are witty yet clever… This is the kind of song which makes Jo Whiley wet her pants … a stroke of pop mastery.” – Thom Morgan / There Goes The Fear

“No One’s Fault But Your Own is an earthshaking cauldron of ska, blues and rock’n’roll.” – Musicians Magazine