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The Penny Black Remedy – Inhale…Exhale…OK, Now You Can Panic


London-based four-piece The Penny Black Remedy release their second albumInhale…Exhale…OK, Now You Can Panic on the Soundinista label on July 15th, the core band line up consists of Keith M Thomson (Vocals / Guitars / Harmonica), Marijana Hajdarhodzic (Vocals / Percussion), Wilco van Eijk – Drums / Percussion / Vocals) and Paul Slack (Bass).

The band have being together since 2007 performing their musical fusion of folk-punk-ska, the album is wonderfully addictive and refreshing with its blend of dark humour and infectious melodies, having gained a reputation for their interactive stages shows on listening to the album it’s easy to see how the boisterous and carefree music would translate perfectly and have even a die-hard sour-puss up on their feet dancing and singing along, all of the tracks are written by Keith M Thompson, who says “The fact that most of my songs are about death, lost love, living in a constant state of crippling paranoid fear and coping with the daily grind of everyday life is irrelevant. Encouraging people to sing loudly and out of tune about the absurdity of general existence seems to instil a sense of comfort and emotional unity….I think.”.