Final Bam-A-Lam at The 12 Bar Club Fri 25th July


As announced in the last email newsletter, due to the bands increasingly busy schedule (in the UK and abroad), it has become logistically impractical for yours truly, as hosts and organisers, to continue running a busy monthly event. Which means that the next Bam-A-Lam at The 12 Bar Club (on Fri 25th July) will be the very last one of 2014 (with the possible exception of a cheeky Xmas special…but that is as yet to be confirmed).

The evening is going to be an emotional one with many Bam-A-Lam stalwarts and some members of TPBR’s own family tree making an appearance. The line-up as it stands now is as thus: TPBR will play at 10:30pm. The Green Rock River Band will be playing after us at midnight. Before us will be The Mothers Of Memphis, The Lone Groover, Rich Rags and Salwa Azar.

For full details of the evening, please click here to be directed to the official Bam-A-Lam Facebook Event Page.

You can buy tickets for the final Bam-A-Lam by clicking on this link.

Hopefully see you there!!!!

Big love