Folk World – Album Review

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The Penny Black Remedy “Inhale…
Exhale… OK, Now You Can Panic!”
Soundinistas; 2013

Although you may be able to file this under ska-punk, that just limits the interesting variety of music here. “I’ve Got this Friend” has vibrant horns amidst worldly folk moves and worldbeats, electric guitar bursts, all showcased with a catchy melody. “Putting the Mental in Sentimentality” has a flow and energy that approaches the Ruts covering Dick Dale—I would love to hear more songs from any band that can pull that off. What works really well here, is that even when electric sounds are in play, there is a worldly folk, light gypsy feeling that is more broad based and would appeal to any fence sitters on this style of music. And although this is a band I would want to see live, this record has enough complexity to it, to warrant more relistens even if they never make it to my home town. Oh, and this is the first time I have heard Paul Slack on bass since I bought my 7” single “Warhead” by the UK Subs, so many decades ago. There may not quite be a bass line for the ages here, like there was on that song, but that is to be expected.
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