Happy New Year – TPBR Themed Show On Phonic FM

We are wishing all our very dear chums a hugely happy and high-spirited Hogmanay celebration tonight and all the very best of happiness, health, peace and love for 2017!!!!!

We are very much looking forward to seeing and playing for/to/with you in the new year!!!!

In the meantime, we are DEEPLY honoured and humbled to announce we will be kicking off the new year with a one off radio show inspired by the music and members of TPBR!!!!

The show will air on www.phonic.fm (or 106.8fm in the Exeter area) on Monday January 2nd from 2pm-4pm.

We’d like to say a humungous & heartfelt thank you to Phonic FM and to the show’s wonderful presenter’s Jola Pawlikowska and Chee for making this happen and for bestowing upon us such an enormous air-time accolade!!! We are super-touched (and frankly bowled-over) with giddy bashful delight by this amazing gesture of support for yours truly!!!! The show will of course feature other fabulous music by other great artists, all chosen by Jola and Chee, all of whom/which promises to make it a cracking show!!!! So please do tune in if you can!!!!


Here is a bit more about the show in Jola’s own words:

“I am joining the luscious Chee for a one off extra special radio show to bring in the new year with our unique shimmys, silliness & musical inspirations. We will be playing some fab music inspired by the musicians involved with the AWESOME band THE PENNY BLACK REMEDY.

Including tunes from the band themselves; highlighting the beautiful voices of Keith & Marijana; exclusive tracks from front man Keith M Thomson’s solo album; beautiful tunes & harmonies from Jeremy & Jamie’s personal project THE HALLELUJAH TRAILS; punk rock classics from former UK SUB Paul Slack; heartfelt music from PBR violinist Basia’s other project GABRIEL MORENO & THE QUIVERING POETS …. and much more.

And we’re not stopping there … o no indeed … we wanted to celebrate some of the awesome musicians we have had the pleasure of knowing, working with, and loving including: PURE MISCHIEF, PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL, BIRDEATSBABY, THE GASLIGHT TROUBADOURS …..

We hope you can joins us for music and giggles. Lets start the new year off in style 💜💜💜 SHARE THE LOVE 💜💜💜

Tune in www.phonic.fm or locally 106.8fm.

Give us your shout outs, anecdotes and general sillinesses on this page.”

Have fun tonight, dear chums!!!! Be merry and safe and speak soon!!!!!!

Big, big love