Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Chums!!!

Dearest Chum

All of us here at TPBR HQ would like to wish you and your nearest and dearest a wonderfully Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be a proverbial riot of romantic revelry and be full of boundless love with an abundance of big soppy (and hopefully hygienic) kisses*.

On which topical note, we are delighted to unveil a new and extremely romantic** video that Marijana has just made for the song “Overly Familiar” which also features Marijana on shared lead vocal duties.

If you have a few minutes spare amidst all the smooching, please do click on the link below and have a wee look:

The song “Overly Familiar” is taken from my recent solo album “It’s Not A Matter Of Space” which is out now and is available to buy and to stream from www.kmthomson.com.

Have a wonderfully amorous day, dear chums, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Big, big, (even bigger than normal, which was already pretty big), big love with many overflowing glasses of your favourite aphrodisiacal beverage with a great big dollop of lovely cuddles on the side.

Et al @ TPBR

* It goes without saying, (but I’m saying it anyway), that we also wish all of our single chums out there a wonderfully happy day, too. May your day be full of secret borderline malicious mocking of awkward, uncommunicative couples through the windows of tawdry candlelit restaurants (with obligatory inflated menu prices) and may you spend your money on more useful things like food, rent and/or treating your pet/pets to a lavish evening of fur brushing, feeding them their favourite titbits and indulging them and yourself in some not so heavy petting (actual heavy petting would be weird and as such is vehemently discouraged by yours truly).

** When I say ‘extremely romantic’, I do of course mean ‘not particularly romantic’***.

*** And when I say ‘not particularly romantic’, I actually mean ‘not remotely romantic’****.

**** It’s such a fine line between using the right words and using the, erm, wrong words. For example, it was only the other evening that I asked Mimi the now (nearly) world famous moustachioed cat if she would prefer to continue sleeping on my neck or on the lovely (smaller) bed that I made for her at the bottom of my (proportionally considerably bigger) bed, to which she elected to ignore me, whipped her tail in my eye a few more times and then went back to sleep on my larynx. Clearly, the outcome would have been quite different had my locution been more explicit. Alas, words can be such pernickety and unfruitful beasts sometimes.