Last Call For Album Pre-Orders

brown-paper-bagThis is a gentle and characteristically fluffy reminder that there are only a few days left to pre-order an advance CD copy (with accompanying limited edition goodies) of our new album ‘Inhale… Exhale… OK, Now You Can Panic!’  The pre-order offer period finishes at midnight on Friday 31st May. By pre-ordering before this offer ends, you will receive:

  • a CD copy of the album a full month before the official release date (on July 15th),
  • a limited edition print of the album artwork signed by the artist T.D. MacGregor,
  • a signed photo of the band,
  • a couple of shiny new TPBR badges
  • and a special TPBR ‘panic bag’.

Click here to pre-order your advance CD copy.