TPBR Xmas Keith Mare 2017

Hark, Dearest Chums!!!

We are wishing all of our dear chums out there a very Merry Christmas and a ridiculously happy, super healthy and extremely peaceful 2018!!!!!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a gargantuan thank you to every single one of you who helped us celebrate the release of our new album; be it by coming along and having a sing-song and a wee dance with us at any of the shows that comprised the first leg of our recent Winter Tour; and/or for buying the album; and/or by saying lovely things about it. It has been a truly beautiful journey!!! We love you all very dearly indeed and can’t wait to see you when we hit the road again in March.

Also, a special and heartfelt thank you goes out to the following gorgeous and overwhelmingly kind people for housing us during our trip (and for heroically putting up with some mercilessly compulsive and often plain bloomin’ awful punning); Nicole Hammond, Fiona Culley, Jim Linthicum, Judy Maher, Tanveer Ghani, Alexis Brooks, Aysen Slack, Katie Slack and Jola Pawlikowska.

Also also…. a mahoosive thank you goes out to all the lovely promoters, venues, agents and sound-people who made the gigs happen; to all the reviewers and press people/radio people who publicly said incredibly nice things about the album and to all the many people who helped us out with travel complications, rehearsing and fixing the plethora of things that broke down along the way….

Also also also…. a herculean thank you goes out to everybody who was involved with the making and releasing of our new album!!! It has been an absolute joy working with every single one of you!!!!!!

And lastly, but not least(ly), thank you to all the other lovely people who helped with all the other stuff that nobody ever gets thanked for!!!!

In short…. THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!!!! We love you all muchly!!!!!!!

We’re now going to hunker down for a few days over the festive period to watch a lot of The Two Ronnies and gorge ourselves on vegetarian ‘fakin-bacon’ sandwiches and many frozen bananas before we embark on some more exciting new music-based adventures in the new year. Can’t wait to see you all again then!!!!!

Big, BIG LOVE and many phenomenally large and overflowing festive flasks of your favourite refreshments with a veritable frosty fiesta of finger-lickin’ frozen bananas on the side*.

Keith and Marijana et al @ TPBR.


* Six months ago, I was only semi-aware that frozen bananas were even a thing; and now, (since being tipped off this summer by a dear chum about the wonders of said icy snack), you might be unsurprised to learn that I am a fully-fledged frozen banana fanatic. That’s a lot of ‘F’s for a frozen fruit you might be, erm, ‘finking’. Well, actually I don’t think there are enough words beginning with ‘F’ in the universe that could adequately describe how much I love those scrumptious chilly treats. Yes, I am bananas about bananas. An unlikely confession, but alas, quite true. I’d feel lighter for getting it off my chest, were it not for all the bananas. Anyway, I’ve got to go now…. I’m off to watch Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’, whilst simultaneously reading some Banana-Man comics, whilst wearing a fancy dress banana-suit (as famously modelled by Ade Edmondson in the Halloween episode of Bottom), all the while slurping on a metaphorical conveyor belt of frozen bananas**.

** It’s (kind of) worth pointing out that I also like unfrozen bananas. But for some reason they don’t make me type so fast and furiously about how much I love them. Hmmmm. This is a question I ‘musa’ ponder further***.

*** Yes. That was a lot of text to read just to get to a VERY tenuous banana related pun****. Sorry. What can I say? It’s Christmas 🙂

**** It should be noted, though, that I do genuinely love bananas. Honest!!!