Merry Xmas & Happy New Year From TPBR


All of us here at TPBR HQ would like to wish all of our very dear chums (i.e. you) and all of our dear chum’s loved ones and their dear chums (i.e. those chums that you should know, but we don’t) and all of our dear chums loved one’s chum’s families and their chums and vague acquaintances and those other chums who no one’s ever met but would one day be nice to (i.e. EVERYBODY) a mind-bogglingly big ol’ Merry Christmas and a spectacularly high-spirited, loving, peaceful, charitable, healthy and Happy New Year!!!!

And a gargantuan thank you goes out to you all (see above) for your continued (and as ever super-appreciated) support of the band and for all things TPBR related!!! We love you all dearly!!!!

It was wonderful to meet and/or catch up with so many of you this year and we look forward to getting out there and seeing even more of you in 2017. Particularly as we will be unveiling a shiny new TPBR album in the Spring (cue distant sound of woo-hoo’s, yee-hee’s and huzzah’s!). We can’t wait to see you soon!!!!

Merry Christmas and big, big, BIG LOVE to you all with enormo-snow-globe glasses (ooh, I just invented that) brimming with a liquid that tastes a bit like white wine but is fizzy (I think that’s already been invented) and a massive, edible iced plate of snow-boarding sugar mice on the side (I think I definitely just invented that).


Et al @ TPBR