Mudkiss Fanzine – ‘Hex’ Single Review


The Penny Black Remedy – Up To My Neck In A Hex

Wonderfully whimsical, witty flibbertigibbet song, which sunnily saunters along; laconically sartorial baritone, quizzically voluble, beset by life’s misdemeanours, glimmer of glittering guitar mischievous sprite, footsteps tangled by tease of gambolling bass and flutter of drums, chorus of puckish guardian angels, courting disaster, sowing seeds of doubt, calamity strewing wake of reformed cynic, superstition tripping his every sceptical step: “…would laugh in the face of superstition … not so confident now… every action does result in nothing less than catastrophe…”

Together with tickle of touchingly beguiling slapstick video ‘sketch’, lightly skipping clumsy path my daily life usually takes, this one made me smile, in the knowledge I am not alone…. and who could resist that tantalising title?