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The Penny Black Remedy

Inhale Exhale Ok, Now you can panic!

added: 26 Oct 2013 // release date: 28 Oct 2013 // label: Soundinistas
reviewer: Andy Snipper

Great title and the contents are equally intriguing.

The number of bands around these days who know how to use words and who are not just shouting at their audiences is low and decreasing but The Penny Black Remedy hark back to the days when songs were a combination of music that was fun to engage with and words that made you go ‘hmmm’ – this is delightful.

Musically they bring to mind Madness and Misty’s Big Adventure but they also have a cabaret feel to a lot of the music that brings a smile to the face.

A quick look at the song title might give a hint as to the subject matter: ‘Putting The Mental Into Sentimental’ or ‘Hypochondria Is Not An Illness’. Clever wordplay with a wonderful preponderance of gentle punning.
Adult music and music that really needs to be listened to if only because you miss the little nuances if you are not concentrating.

I expect that these guys would be a joy live but on record they are a blast!