New Hellfire Club Glasgow – Live Review

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Gobophotography Guest Review Starring Mickey 9’s, Sacre Noir and The Penny Black Remedy

Hellfire was at this excellent gig from the folk at Itsaxxxxthing itself, and what a night was had! Even though this is a guest review from our compatriots over at Gobophotography, we thought we had to get a wee word in as well. A wee word to say that all three acts on the night were the proverbial Dogs bollocks. (I’m still not quite sure why dogs nuts are good things, but I have been assured they areMickey 9’s were a slice of maniacal genius, all mixed together with dancing akin to someones dad on drugs at a family wedding-it was glorious. Sacre Noir took the gig to another mood level entirely, in a good way of course…with their sweeping melodies and moody, dark-edged vibes. The Penny Black Remedy picked everyone up again and shook the shit out of our senses and nerves with their awesome Americana/Swing style of rock n’ roll, and with Bruce Willis on Bass, how could they go wrong? This gig get’s all thumbs up from me (I have three), 10 out of 10 all the way. Anyway, here is what the photo-masters at Gobo have to say about it all;

Mickey 9’s

The wonderfully Spirited Micky 9’s distributed a funked up groove that enfolded upon us like a rampant funk-a-delicextraordinaire. Creating an unstoppable vibrancy and energy, their quirky manner of saying the serious, (not so seriously) become impossible not to be captivated and dominated by. Their on stage presence and sound, played out a set that was consistently catchy and infectious, and I deify anyone that experiences them live not to move to their groove! They definitely attain a lyrical flow and quirky manner, putting across points of views of various topics, theatrically played out by a collective who resonate on the same level musically. I was impressed by their overall sound and style, and most certainly look forward to hearing them play live again along with Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five later in the month. The lads like disco balls BTW and have their own take on disco going on among their stimulating driving set! funnily enough Colonel Mustard has a disco ball fetish too! ….. Check out the Mickey 9s vibe and hear for yourselves their highly infectious grooves; You can down load their music for free on the Facebook page;

Sacre Noir

Supporting The Penny Black Remedy were the delectable sound of Sacre Noir, a collective that creates an escapism through musical expression which tantalises and encapsulates the essence of haunting sounscapes infused with layered vocal parts, live bass guitar and percussion. Sacre Noir is the brainchild of vocalist / producer Carrie Beattie and very much fueled by lo-fi electronica. They have been touring their 2013 summer line-up playing Paris, Berlin, Glasgow and London; climaxing their last show in Henry’s Cellar Bar – Edinburgh on Sunday past. Released in March 2010 “Her Volatile Condition” is the first full length album released by Edinburgh based electronic songstress. The album features a collection of laid back lullabies & dub influences meandering with the familiar haunting atmospherics and layered vocals that have become synonymous with the lo-fi styling of Sacre Noir. They collaborated with global collective The Savage Sound System (sSs), having featured on their debut EP ‘Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacks’ – other releases include complication tracks on CD volumes from Italy and Japan and they music is much loved all over Europe and the UK. Their performance on Sunday at Henry’s Cellar was delightful and engaging. With a dream like escapism to their sound they attain an edge to their style and the melodic flow of their vocals offers a stimulating melodic blend of uplifting harmonies which is sampled with beats that are looped. They offer a stimulating, invigorating sound that both plays a part of invigorating as well as soothing. A unique look and sound from the Sacre Noir which I thoroughly recommend. Check out their website on the following link; and keep up to date with their events here on Facebook;

The Penny Black Remedy

With an insatiable desire for performance, musical craftsmanship and ingenious talent The Penny Black Remedycertainly are a spellbinding collective to behold. Crafting their own unmistakable sound, they unreservedly and consistently demonstrate a passion and love for a wide variation of music that has touched and inspired them to create what is being projected across today in their musical style. With a strong amalgamation of culture within the band, each individual stands alone as interesting, captivating characters; Singer-song writer, Keith M Thomson from Scotland has an incredible all-round talent maintaining an air of sophistication in his demeanor and style. His lyrical contribution attains an intelligence which is embedded within wit and dark humour; he skilfully combines this with an exuberant playing technique which is enthralling and vibrant, his guitar becomes an extension of himself throughout his performance creating a stimulating energy which is mighty infectious and a joy to embrace. Croatian Marijana Hajdarhodzic  (Vocalist/Percussionist) brings to the table a classically trained voice that is delectable and unique, her voice has a strong air of power, along with a delightful range which is engaging. Her tonality is highly expressive and her profound essence shines brightly throughout her performance. Dutch drummer Wilico Van Eijk has a hugely animated drumming style. His drumming technique is highly skilled maintaining a diversity and changeability in accordance to the expression of the song. His drumming demeanor is quirky and charming and holds a captivating flame within the unit. Bassist Paul Slack from England is well renowned for playing in the UK Subs, a band that were the first wave of British punk to hit the streets back in 1976. Paul played bass in the Subs from 1977 until 1981 returning in 2008 until 2010, culminating in a highly successful and vibrant career with the punk rockers, he most certainly attained the experience under his belt of life on the road. Paul most recently joined The Penny Black Remedy-bringing to the collective a sublime skill in bass paying along with a driving performing style. He is a true individualistic gem that fits perfectly into the cluster of musical divinity. Collectively these individuals in unison create an incredible energy on stage and as whole enhance and nourish each others musical ideas. TPBR maintain a variation of quirky characterised songs which shape and weave a clear picture in the mind through sound. Their shows empower audiences with high energy and feel-good vibrations that is dominating and infectious. All across Europe and the UKTPBR has left their resonance and will continue to do so in the coming months. I thoroughly recommend you follow The Penny Black Remedy and keep up to date with their musical endeavors here on the following Facebook link; and also here is a link to their website Its just what the doctors ordered!