New Video For “Going To War” by KMT SOLO: Out Now

Dearest Chums

We do hope you have been settling into 2017 with nought but good health, good fortune, a large smile on your lovely faces and a whole lot of love and peace in your gorgeous hearts.

It’s been a busy start to the year for yours truly. We’ve already been working away on live sets for the summer to coincide with the release of the next TPBR album. The actual dates will be announced here in the very near future. We can’t wait to get out there and see you again!!!

In the meantime, Marijana has made a shiny new video for the song “Going To War”* from Keith’s recent solo album, “It’s Not A Matter Of Space”. It is available to watch now, so please do have a look if you have a spare three minutes and forty-one seconds.



It is at this juncture that we would like to say a gargantuan thank you to everybody who bought a CD/digital download of the album and/or said incredibly lovely things about the album. Your support and kind words have been super-appreciated on an astronomical scale!!! And a huge thank you goes out to everybody who helped make the album happen!! We love you all dearly!!!

For those of you who missed it the first time round, the album is available to buy on limited edition CD from for £8.99 (+P&P) and as a digital download from Amazon (£7.99) and iTunes (£6.99).

It is our plan to release a few more videos from Keith’s solo album over the next few months. All of which will of course be made available for our dear chums to watch here, as and when they are released.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all you hopefully sooner than later!!!

Big, big love



* It might be worth pointing out that the fact that we are unveiling a video for a song called “Going To War” on the same day as the surreal presidential inauguration of a certain demented and deeply nefarious reality TV ‘star’ who resembles a badly illustrated CGI Oompa-Loompa is merely a coincidence…mostly (cue nervous laughter followed by a despondent frown). **

** Truth be told, the song “Going To War” was written as a metaphor about fighting anxiety. So the fact that I’ll be gripping my sofa with a nauseous sense of foreboding over the next few days/next few months/next four years, is perhaps less of a coincidence (cue more nervous laughter followed by another despondent, now perspiring, frown). Anyway, on a positive note, it goes without saying that in the meantime, we’ll be endeavouring (as ever) to spread as much love and togetherness around this beautiful planet as we possibly can. So, yes, onwards and upwards***, dearest chums.

*** And yes, when I say upwards, I am indeed referring to the fact**** that I’ll be upping my daily dosage of Valerian by around 85% post-haste (nervous laughter continues….).

**** It has not gone unnoticed that I have maybe overused the word ‘fact’ throughout this particular set of post-scripts,. The irony of which, you’ll be pleased to hear, has also not gone unnoticed*****.

***** You may have also noticed that I just overused the word ‘unnoticed’ in the last, penultimate post-script. Please note that the irony of this has also not gone unnoticed (cue imaginary person telling me to stop now…cue me replying to said imaginary person…OK, I’m stopping now….).


It’s Not A Matter Of Space” by Keith M Thomson is available to buy now on limited edition CD exclusively from

The album is also available to buy as a digital download from Amazon and iTunes.

Listen to the album here.

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