New Year Greetings / 12 Bar Farewell Bash


Festive Greetings, Dear Chums

We very much hope that you all had a warm and wonderful Christmas and managed to spend it merrily with those dearest to you.

All of us here at TPBR HQ would like to wish each and every one of you, the very best of good luck, good health and good fortune for 2015 (which is of course officially the year in which we should all finally be scooting about on hover boards ala Back To The Future 2, which is possibly the most exciting prospect/thing ever!!!!*).

As most of you might know already, our first shows of the New Year will be tinged with sadness as we will be playing a couple of shows bidding a very fond and loving farewell to our home from home, the 12 Bar Club before it closes its doors for the final time on January 16th. They are sure to be emotional evenings, so hopefully you will be able to make it down and raise a glass with us in honour of an entirely unique and legendary rock’n’roll venue.

Here are the list of our final dates at the 12 Bar Club:

Thursday 8th Jan – Full length, electric set with the full band featuring a couple of surprise guests from the TPBR family. Also on the bill are 12 Bar Club stalwarts The Bermondsey Joyriders, Koozie Johns/Folk Grinder, Allegra Shock, Ger Lane and DJ Jeff Munday. The night will kick off at 7pm and it is recommended that you order advance tickets by calling the 12 Bar ticket line on 0207 240 2622. Tickets cost £6. We will be onstage around 10:30pm and will be finished in time for you to catch the last tube home (should you be so inclined).

Here is a link to the official Face Book Event for the 8th.

Sunday 11th Jan – This is the official ‘Final Night of The 12 Bar Club’ Party and will be an all day event featuring a plethora of acts who have been associated with the 12 Bar Club over the years. Each act (including us) will only be playing a brief 20 minute or so set. We will announce our stage-time and full ticket details nearer the event, as the 12 Bar is still in the process of finalising the line-up.

With more dates already booked further afield in new towns and venues across the UK, a return to France in the Spring, and a new album to record with Boz Boorer in Portugal; 2015 is already looking like a pretty darned exciting year for us!!!! We can’t wait to get started!!!!

Big, big love and many Godzilla-sized vessels of your very favourite (and not necessarily dangerously intoxicating) tipples with vast arrays of fine (preferably hugely intoxicating) festive biscuits on the side.

Et al @ The Penny Black Remedy

* I am presuming that by now ‘they’ have actually invented and manufactured fully functioning hover boards ready to be bought and hovered by a desperate and thus far resolutely patient public (ie me)? This is the case, right? They have, after all, been promised to us (again, specifically to me) since 1989. I’d be pretty upset if this were not the case. Which can’t be the case. That’s not the case, right???? If it’s not, you can be ruddy well sure that I will be writing and hand delivering a fiery letter of indignant complaint** poste haste to whoever may or may not be responsible for such a gross, nay inhuman, consumerist oversight. We the people (again to be more specific… ‘I’) demand hover boards!!!!!! If need be, I shall have banners and badges made with this slogan (perhaps without the bracketed section), I will embark on a relentless and brutal campaign calling for hover board sanity, I will stand up for the common man (again, probably mainly me)!!!! And I will not be thwarted by lazy bureaucrats and indolent toy/sports manufacturers!!! Again!!!!!!!

** On the other hand, I will most probably stay at home and watch my DVD box-set of the entire Back To The Future trilogy and sob quietly to myself whilst gorging on many tubes of sour cream and chive Pringles. Sigh