Review And Pics from TPBR Album Launch Party 24.11.17

Dearest Chums

A HUGE and HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came down and had a sing-song and a (fabulously choreographed and executed) dance with us last Friday night at our album launch party!!!!!!!

You made us smile and cry and laugh with absolute joy!!!!!!!

And also an enormous thanks to goes to the following fabulous and wonderful people:

  • Our very special guests The Mothers Of Memphis who rocked it!!!!!!!
  • Imelda Michalczyk for coming up with and guiding us all (with the help of Eva Oller) through the dance moves for 70 Years and Alex Rupperecht for filming the event. We can’t wait to see the footage for the video !!!
  • Aysen Slack an Katie Slack for taking super efficient care of door and merch duties.

We love you all very much, indeed, and can’t wait to see you all again soon!!!

Until then, here is a great review of the show from Whisperin’ and Hollerin’. Many thanks to Simon Phillips for the kind words.

TPBR Whisperin' and Hollerin' Album Launch Review 24.11.17 The Islington

And we have also added a few lovely black and white shots by photographer Maciek EwenementNie Tak to the TPBR gallery (click here to have a look at more pics by Maciek).

Big, Big BIG LOVE!!!



Keith 4 TPBR Album Launch 24.11.17