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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Up To My Neck In A Hex – The Penny Black Remedy

Yes, it has been months, again, since I posted anything here.  I really do apologize.  Things have been so wonderfully busy for my own band, Juana Ghani, lately that I rarely have time to put together a blog post.  Forgive me?


This video by one of my very favorite bands, UK based The Penny Black Remedy, was just released to the public yesterday (and to those of us smart enough to be on their emailing list on Monday) and it is such a fun vid!  Being a superstitious person myself, I love that they chose this song off their new album (SUCH a great album!  Serious.  One of my favs!) “Inhale … Exhale … OK, Now You Can Panic!” to make a video.

Up To My Neck In A Hex by The Penny Black Remedy from the 2013 album “Inhale … Exhale … OK, Now You Can Panic!”

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