TPBR and The Hallelujah Trails

We are super-excited about having our very dear chums Jamie Shaw and Jeremy Mendonca from the amazing Hallelujah Trails play onstage with us at Jamboree this Saturday (our first London show in yonks).

And we are uber-excited about the fact that they will be heading out West with us for all the dates on our May tour!!! Hurrah!!!

We can’t wait for the TPBR juggernaught to start a’rolling once more!!!!

The Hallelujah Trails will also be playing their own set before us at Jamboree. Check them out by clicking on the link below. They are all kinds of awesome!!!
Hallelujah Trails on FaceBook

See our Shows page for all TPBR’s upcoming dates.

Big love.


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